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Moringa Powder

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Moringa Powder

Moringa powder is obtained by collecting, drying and then processing the leaves of Moringa oleifera. Moringa known as ‘Miracle Moringa’ is mostly found on the foothills of the Himalayas. Every part of the plant is edible the leaves, flowers and roots of the drumstick. The seeds are used to extract oil while the flowers can be cooked and eaten. They are full of essential nutrients and antioxidants. It is mainly used to project tissue and to reduce pain. It involves 17 times more calcium than that of milk and considered as rich source of Vitamin C. Orra Spices supplies this powder in USA and across globe and use proper channel of distribution of products and services.

We provide highest quality of this powder that comes with delicious and pure flavour with 25% plant protein involving all 9 essential acids. You can definitely count on us and our products that are healthy for you in every way.

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